Friday Smile Club

Ask about our Friday Smile Club! Every Friday we offer our dental cleanings for 10% off! Also your pet will be added to our Smile Club wall inside our clinic, on our website, and also Facebook. If you would like an estimate on how much it would cost to clean your pet’s teeth give us a call! We would be happy to set up an FREE dental exam!

February Is Dental Month

Schedule your pet’s dental cleaning during the month of February and receive 10% off! Don’t know if your pet needs a dental cleaning? Call to set up a FREE dental exam. Our technicians will determine what level of a cleaning they will need and give you an estimate of cost.

All of our dental products will be 10% off during the month of February as well! Stop in and stock up on those items.

Grooming Upgrades

Make sure to ask your groomers about their available spa upgrades! They have new ones every season!